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Jan 9, 2009 |
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Kellie Moeller, CNM |

For our 7th baby, we decided to do a home water birth, I highly recommend it! This was the best birth experiences of all of our children! After doing a home birth with Kellie I wouldn’t consider having a baby any other way.

Right from the start, we were impressed with how professional Kellie was. Kellie was always on time for her appointments. And bonus all of the appointments were at our house! So there was no waiting in a doctor’s office for hours, and no parking garage fees, and no traffic. Kellie was really sweet with my other children, she tried to involve them in the exam as much as she could, letting them listen to the baby or feel it move.

Being our 7th baby, Kellie gave us the option to attend her prenatal classes or not to. I decided to try one class just to see what they were like. I ended up attending all of the classes, I really enjoyed them. The classes were very informative even for our 7th baby. We discovered we did not 'know it all'. The classes also give you a feel for how very experienced the midwife, and her assistance are, and how prepared they are to care for you and your baby. They give you all the tools and lists of things you will need for a home birth, and a great heads up as for what to expect. In her classes she also talked with us about all of the possible things that could go wrong with any birth, and she discussed with us what precautions she takes for each situation. I felt safe knowing there was a plan. It was also so much fun being with 12 other women all due around our same due date, it was fun sharing stories, and similar aches and pains. We are still friends with all of these women; it has been fun to see baby pictures as each of us has our babies.

I think our biggest worry about a home birth was the "mess". Kellie and her assistant Pam handled all of the mess! And it is not really as messy as people think. People always tell me "a home birth, you are so brave". I really did not feel the need to be ‘brave’ Kellie was prepared for anything. She brought enough supplies to stock any hospital room. I really felt very safe in her hands. For “pain management” Kellie comes prepared with several very effective natural and homeopathic remedies to take the edge off of the contractions. However we also decided to do a water birth; Kellie adequately described it as a aqua-dural. I have had several natural births and a water birth was definitely the most comfortable.

One of the best parts about a home birth was the relaxed atmosphere of my own home both before during and after the birth. There was no unnecessary IV's, cords, or monitors. My own bed is so much more comfortable then any hospital bed. We really liked that we had a say in everything that happened to me and my baby. I was able to hold my baby for as long as I wanted to after the birth; I was able to nurse him for as long as he wanted to. My baby came into this life calm, warm, and comfortable. The sweetest part was holding my baby in the herb bath just after the birth. He looked so peaceful and so relaxed, that feeling it gives you, is something you just don't get in any hospital. When I was ready to sleep there was plenty of help around to take the baby for me so that I could rest and sleep, with no interruptions. This home birth was definitely a wonderful experience and should we decide to go for #8, we'll definitely be calling Kellie.

Hyrum, Emily, Ward


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