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Welcome to HomeBirth Experience, Inc.

HomeBirth Experience Inc. is where women and their families can find answers. HomeBirth Experience brings the safe natural experience of home birth back to the family where it belongs.

Kellie Moeller, Certified Nurse Midwife and President of HomeBirth Experience, Inc. welcomes you and invites you to enjoy the HomeBirth Experience website, it was created with you in mind. We look forward to answering your questions about your pregnancy, your baby's birth and the exciting journey you're taking!

When a birth is at home, it becomes the intimate, private, natural process it's meant to be.

Birth as a medical process in a medical facility creates little privacy or family decision making and takes away many choices families later wish they had the freedom to make.

With HomeBirth Experience, mothers move around, change positions and describe their birth experience as less painful and less stressful. In fact, they say it is the Family Event it should be.

Kellies' birth parents are encouraged to educate themselves about pregnancy and birth so they will make well-informed choices and decisions throughout pregnancy and birth.

We provide Obstetric and Gynecological Healthcare. Whether your birth takes place at your home or a birth center, HomeBirth Experience will be with you every step of the way.

What you can expect: Prenatal Care with HomeBirth Experience

Did you Know... Breastfeeding Is Priceless; enhancing your baby's immune system helping her/him resist infections and protect against chronic diseases all while strengthening the physical and mental bond with your baby.

Is there a cost when babies are not breast feed? Read Breastfeeding is Priceless.

Did you Know... VBAC: Read the facts about VBAC including the hazards to a mother, complications with repeat cesareans

Did you Know... After a successful debut at the Tribeca Film Festival, The Business of Being Born was released in January 2008 in NYC, LA and SF. It is also available at Netflix. It is now available for purchase on DVD here.

Film Synopsis
Birth is a miracle, a natural part of life. But birth is also big business. In the new documentary The Business of Being Born Executive Producer Ricki Lake and Director Abby Epstein question the way American women have babies, and explore this fundamental question: should most births be viewed as a natural life process, or should every delivery be treated as a potential medical emergency?

The Business of Being Born makes a compelling argument for more humanistic approaches to birth, challenging the ideals of our technocratic society which places absolute faith in machines and technology. It is a must-see for anyone thinking of having a baby.

Did you Know... Homebirth is it safe? Read about the largest home birth study on births attended by Certified Professional Midwives, published in the British Medical Journal. It found home birth is safe for low risk women and involves far fewer interventions than similar births in hospitals.


Most insurances cover midwifery services, we accept any insurance that covers our services. Contact your carrier for details.


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Office/Cell: 281-309-8030
Email: birth@homebirthexperience.com
Houston Office:
3311 Richmond Ave, Ste 214
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Kellie Moeller Certified Nurse Midwife

Kellie Moeller has been a CNM (Certified Nurse Midwife) since 1989. She has assisted families in both hospital, as a midwife as well as labor and deliver nurse, and in home births.

Kellie's passion and experience with Home Birth provides families the education, safety and freedom to have the HomeBirth Experience they expect. Read Kellie's Bio

Birth Moms... Please visit our Online Store where you can order all of the recommended birth supplies in one place as well as order prenatal vitamins, books and DVDs.

Latest Birth Stories

Sharon's Birth Story

Baby Sharon's birth story starts, unofficially, in the middle of the night on Wednesday, September 7, 2011. Baby Sharon weighed in at 7 pounds, 8 ounces and 19 inches long. She was bright eyed and so alert just taking in all of her surroundings. She had her little fists right up by her jawline and I could imagine that was her favorite position while I was pregnant with her. ~

Amy Dyche

My sister and my husband were kneeling in front of me. I had each by an arm, and they coached me through the contractions and encouraged me during the breaks. Kellie was on her way, and I remember my sister talking on the phone with her a few times. ~

Quin Anthony Moody

With Craig's hands in mine and him cheering me on with each push Quin was born in the water at 10:01 and placed in my arms. I was on top of the world. I accomplished my goal! After I held Quin for a while I was helped out of birth tub and into bed. ~

Nora's Home Birth

It was rather surreal, yet I was so glad that I did it! I personally believe every mother shouldn't miss this very first physical contact with her baby. ~

Townes Edward Brennan

I truly believe that “I am woman, hear me roar” comes from childbirth, because I was doing just that. A super strong, deep roar came out of me with each push. I could hardly believe it, when Kellie said reach down and grab your baby. I pulled up Townes and held him in my arms and just like that I was as calm as could be. ~

In the News

ACNM Statement to Members in Responce to the Apgar September 26 Study

The following is ACNM's preliminary statement in response to the recent study, Apgar score of 0 at 5 minutes and neonatal seizures or serious neurologic dysfunction in relation to birth setting to be published in the October American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology (AJOG). ~

Ecstatic Birth Nature's Hormonal Blueprint for Labor

This material has been further expanded as Undisturbed Birth Mother Nature's hormonal blueprint for safety, ease and ecstasy. ~

Medicaid Birth Center Reimbursement Act Introduced

Reps. Susan Davis, Gus Bilirakis, Lois Capps and Rob Wittman Introduce Bill to Protect Health Care Services for Pregnant Women and Their Newborns ~

Ob-Gyns Issue Less Restrictive VBAC Guidelines

Vaginal birth after cesarean is a safe and appropriate choice for most women who have had a prior cesarean delivery ~

Too Many C-Sections: Docs Rethink Induced Labor

The rise in cesarean-section deliveries in recent years has been characterized by some as a key indication of the over medicalization of childbirth. While the procedure undoubtedly saves lives and leads to better health outcomes for. . . ~

  • Home births 'as safe as hospital'
    The largest study of its kind has found that for low-risk women, giving birth at home is as safe as doing so in hospital with a midwife.
  • The Midwife of Modern Midwifery
    Alternative hospital birth story from Ina May Gaskin who almost single-handedly inspired the rebirth of midwifery in the United States.
  • Non-Hospital Births Growing in Popularity
    Houston, TX, is among a growing number of cities that has forgon hospitals to deliver babies in home-like settings, attended by certified nurse-midwives and registered nurses.

What You Need to Know

Freedom to Choose

The place a woman chooses to birth can influence the quality of her birth experience. ~

Milbank Report, Evidence - Based Maternity Care

What are the key findings of Evidence-Based Maternity Care ? ~

For Your Own Birth

If women want more control over their child birth experience, they must take more responsibility for themselves and their babies. They can no longer wait for things to be offered to them; they must identify their need and seek out appropriate care. ~

The Risks of Cesarean Delivery

The Coalition for Improving Maternity Services (CIMS) is concerned about the dramatic increase and ongoing overuse of cesarean section. Every year since 1983 no less than one in five American women has given birth via major abdominal surgery. ~

Home Birth is it Safe?

The largest study of home births attended by Certified Professional Midwives, as published in the British Medical Journal, has found that home birth is safe for low risk women and involves far fewer interventions than similar births in hospitals. ~

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